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I am a psychotherapist, trainer, and consultant hoping to help others find a peaceful and meaningful sense of self, while improving the quality of their lives. My background includes extensive work with post 9/11 active duty service members and veterans. All writings on this site are currently dedicated to the mission of helping our military community remain mission-ready and resilient.

The Mandate of a Heart – Holding Warriors’ Stories

“Without a witness, it just disappears.” – the character of Charles in Taking Chance  The 2009 movie Taking Chance is based on the true story of Lt. Colonel Michael Strobl, a Marine officer who escorted the body of a fallen Marine, … Continue reading

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A Warrior and His Soul – The Initial Rally Point written by chris cannida June 6, 2014

Addition: When I first wrote this piece, the 70th anniversary of D-Day hadn’t approached.  At the time, I wasn’t sure of the name of the veteran I mention in this story.  I recently confirmed that his first name was Kenneth.  I … Continue reading

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Dear Mom, Wish You Were Here

Christmas, 2013. The first Christmas of my life without mom on earth. She passed away on the first day of Spring that year. Oddly, I’m glad it was a day easily marked by the calendar. I didn’t want to forget the last time … Continue reading

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Periodically, a psychotherapy client will ask me if I’ve ever been to a therapist myself. Sometimes they seem surprised at my comfortable response of “Why, yes, of course”. I’m sure some would like to hear details of my own experience … Continue reading

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Room to grow……

Maybe we need to be equally grateful for those persons who love us ‘in spite of our strengths’ as we are for those who love us ‘in spite of our weaknesses’.  If you love me in spite of my strengths it … Continue reading

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