Room to grow……

Maybe we need to be equally grateful for those persons who love us ‘in spite of our strengths’ as we are for those who love us ‘in spite of our weaknesses’.  If you love me in spite of my strengths it releases me from being responsible for your ego’s stability and sense of self-worth. Consequently, I am not forced to minimize my own worth so that you feel good about you – you can then experience lessons about the authority you’ve been given by God to walk on this earth.  I can be grateful, without guilt, for my own strengths and because you welcomed me to be my best.   We both grow.

About chris cannida

I am a psychotherapist, trainer, and consultant hoping to help others find a peaceful and meaningful sense of self, while improving the quality of their lives. My background includes extensive work with post 9/11 active duty service members and veterans. All writings on this site are currently dedicated to the mission of helping our military community remain mission-ready and resilient.
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